No going low enough to start cutting

I am trying to carve a 3/4 inch thick piece of wood. all the settings are what I need them to be but for some reason the spindle goes down and starts working and the bit is just above the project. It never actually touches the wood.

How are you setting the z axes?

I only had the X-Carve for 2 days, I am setting the cut depth on Easel. Is there more I have to do?

Yes, where is the bit placed exactly when you go through the carve confirmation stages?
Do you have probing enabled?

I have been starting the bit at the bottom left hand corner. It has me do the probing steps when I am in the confirmation stages

Try setting it manually and see if that works better. If that gets bettewr results we can go from there.

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So I set it manually and it worked better. Thank you

Could be your probe thickness is off.