No internet and trying to use vcarve pro with my xcarve

I got the xcarve for work but i dont have internet to run the programs so im trying to set an up offline way to run the programs. I downloaded the univeral gcode sender and when i try to connect to the machine i get " the setup wizard is not supported for this controller". Anyone else have this issue and may know how i can get it set up?

Not familiar with that error, but you need to have JAVA installed to run UGCS.

Then you run UGCS, set the COM port you have the Xcarve hooked to and then set the baud rate to 115200

When you get it running you will need a post processor that is compatible with Vcarve.

You will also need an Xcarve friendly co-processor for generating toolpaths. Use one of the ones in this thread (scroll down to find one)

Get all of this going and you won’t need Easel or the internet.

I installed java and put the same setting when connecting but then got the code, I will try to add the processor and see if that works. Thanks!

I had similar problems both with internet connection and UGCS. I downloaded cncjs ( and have had very few problems since

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I second the idea of dropping UGS and installing the desktop version of CNCjs.

Just curious, what about Picsender?


PicSender is a stand alone G-code sender with strong support on this and other forums. It runs extremely long G-code files that UGCS can’t.

It is a paid option (About $30 USD). Customer support is quick and it is kept up to date as new features become available.

For quick one of a kind jobs I use (UGCS - version 1.0.9 [the latest stable build]) and for bigger jobs I use PicSender.

PicSender is integrated with grbl 1.0c (laser enabled and recommended along with spindle work) and 1.1f/g - not recommended for laser but supports spindle work.

I did work with John and Jeff when optimizing my grbl build.

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When the A-bomb goes off , where do you want your data --------- in the cloud?


Haha! Aside from the fact that the cloud will survive better than my crummy PC, CNCjs can be run as a desktop application that does not need connection to a network to function. In that respect, it’s no different than UGS.
Now, if I choose, I can run CNCjs on a Raspberry Pi and use any other device as the GUI. For that, I’d need to be connected to a network. Even then, the RasPi can create its own wireless network that could be connected to. No data in the cloud.


I started to install it to try it but it got rather complicated so I bailed.

Just a double-click, Larry.