No Maslow choice in "Machine"

It has been noticed by myself and several others that the Maslow CNC is no longer in the choices for “Machines”. Why? and can it be brought back.

I only use Easel for this machine, and my 3018

I might be mistaken, but have “Maslow” ever been an option in Easel?

When I was using my Maslow CNC, I just created my design in easel, then generated and downloaded the gcode. I do not remember picking a “machine “. I set the job space to my work piece “Maslow sweet spot” only. Hope that helps.

Yes it was a choice when I got the Maslow in May last year. Only recently it has been removed.

This might be useful for you?

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Hi everyone,
Maslow machines are available in Easel again. You might need to go to the Machine dropdown and re-select it as your machine of choice.

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