No matter cut depth I set initially it goes deep

Cutting two color acylic stock. Regardless of what I set the cut depth to, the initial cut goes deeper than the set depth.

How does one get the actual cut depth I want? Which setting should I change?

Thank you.

How are you setting your Z-zero?

Front left corner at the surface of the material.

It tends to always want to cut through the material.

How are you holding the stock down? That thin stuff will pull up with an upcut bit.

By how much?
Xcarve or different machine?
Do you probe when defining your work zero, Z specifically?
Do a 10mm jog command = actual 10mm travel precisely?

Generally all the way through both colors.


I do not have a probe. I do set the home point at the bottom left of the material and touching the top of the material.

A 1 inch jog does go more than one inch.

There’s the problem…can you share your GRBL settings?
Send $$ to the machine through the console.

Sorry to be an idiot, but I do not know how to do that.

Are you using Easel?
Machine–>Advanced–>Machine Inspector
In the “Console”, type $$ and hit enter.

Does it jog double on all axes?
I think most of those little 3018s here have step/mm values of 800
Send $102 = 800
Repeat for $100 and $101 if X & Y jog too far as well.

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do a cut so it exits the side, not all the way though the bottom of the sheet. Look at the side of the material see if you can measure how much extra its cutting, then do your best to set your Z height that much higher above the material.

If the machine move more than 1" for a 1" jog command, then there is no surprise you go too deep / deeper than specified.

Default for 3018 is indeed 800 as Neil suggested.
In Console write $100=800 and press Enter, repeat for $101 and $102.
Power controller down and power back up, verify change by sending $$ again in the Console.

Thank you SOOOOO much. I think that will solve the problem.

I have to wonder why this kind of calbration is not part of the set up?

It is just determined by your controller and the hardware. This is independent of any software you use.
There’s always a chance that you have microstep settings set incorrectly on your controller. Can you give more details on your machine and controller? There are dozens of 3018s out there.

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And 3018 CNC do not share that same GRBL values as Xcarve for instance, so running Easel setup on a 3018 => certain values need to be changed manually afterwards, primarely $100-102, $110-112 and $120-122.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your advice.
I am assuming the variables you provided are all to be set at 800?

I did that and the cuts are still going almost through the material. Trying to get this thing to work is a pain. I just may be too ignorant to do this. :frowning:

It really depends on a few factors I am not in control or aware of - so it depends :wink:
But for starters, change $100, $101 and $102 to = 800
Then measure a single jog command of X value, do it measure X distance travelled?
If not, how much is measured? Appies to all three axis to verify we are in the ballpark.

Let us know how that works out for you :slight_smile:

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As quoted from here.
Verify that it’s your machine, though. There are many of these with different controllers.