No more lazy computers!

Ever start a cut on Easel then walk away for a while, only to come back and your lazy computer fell asleep and the job failed? Worry not! The most recent release of Easel will now prevent your computer from falling asleep! (Just make sure you’re using Chrome or Firefox)

How does this work? When you go to youtube and watch a video, the browser tells your computer not to fall asleep. We’ve implemented a similar trick to play a very tiny, blank and audio-less video off screen whenever you start a job. When the job completes, the video stops playing, allowing your computer to catch up on its beauty sleep.


Nice addition there!

Having been burnt by a computer sleep this is a very welcome addition, thank you. :smile:

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I had to set my sleep time to ‘never’ to prevent mine from shutting down. Couldn’t figure out why my carving’s were stopping half way or less until I read about the sleep setting.

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