No Motor Movement During Easel Set-Up

Newly assembled x-carve. The x-controller turns on and the computer connects to the x-controller during Easel set-up. However, there is no motor movement when the test buttons are pressed for any axis. Any ideas for troubleshooting the problem appreciated.

Have you powered off then on both PC and X Controller?

Yes, the PC and X Controller have been powered on and off. Additionally, the FTDI driver was downloaded in case that was an issue.

what do you get when you send the $$ command?

you can also send movement commands straight to the machine (X2 or Y2 and to return back X-2 or Y-2)

Do the stepper motors “firm up” when power is ON? With no power there will be a subtle “detent” motion when rotating the shaft by hand, with power ON and wires are correctly wired up the “detent” will be much firmer.

If they are not, and behaves the same, the motors either dont get power or is incorrectly hooked up.