No objects can be cut with your current settings error?

Im trying to cut out a large letter from 3/4 pine board. Want to use .25 bit to rough out the shape with tabs and follow up with a .25 bit to do a finish pass to get rid of pass marks.

tool paths show up in preview but when i go to Carve it gives me an error “there are no objects that can be cut with current setting” while trying to start the rough pass.

tried drawing a new square to cut and get the same error, so its not the custom shape. this is the first time i have ever seen this error.

Are you attempting a 2-stage carve? You say the ‘tool paths show up in preview’. Do ALL paths show up for both bits?

When I’ve seen this error before, it means the first carve has nothing to carve because the objects to be carved can’t be accommodated by the larger bit.

yeah 2 stage carve, rough bit .25in multiple passes then want to go back (same bit) with a final pass at full depth to get rid of pass lines on material edges.

dont get error until i try and start the cut.

draw a square, set tool path to outside, full depth of material, set tab locations. then go through all steps to zero tool and begin carve under rough pass. then i get the error.

How do Easel behaviour if you instead of a 2stage carve split it into two separate work pieces? (One workpiece one stage)

ive done a 2 stage carve before. this is a test carve with a new amana bit i got. trying it out before doing my larger project.

only thing ive done lately was update the easel/x carve driver. because i was prompted too.

works fine on single pass, but when i want to do a 2 pass cut i get this error.

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Bug due to both stages use same tool? (.25")

I agree with HaldorLonningdal … EASEL does not like it when both bits are the same. If you are just going to use the same bit, but just want to go to full depth then you have two options.

  • Perform the carve with your normal settings, and then repeat the same carve again just changing the Depth of Cut to the full depth prior to carving.


  • Make a separate work piece, copy the design over to the new work piece, and then make the Depth of Cut the full depth.
  • Carve the first “normal” work piece, and then carve the second “full depth” work piece.

I do the first option all of the time when cutting aluminum just to go back and clean up any miscellaneous ridges that might be there from the first time around.


Brandon Parker

I’m getting this error currently on my x-carve as well… what did you do to resolve the issue?

@KimberlyJameson Can you share the Easel project.
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