No output on Spindle PWM

I have a relay to turn on my Dewalt 611 automatically that energizes with 3-10 volts DC. I have the relay coil wired to the GRND and Spindle PWM outputs on the X-Carve controller, but when I run the setup and turn on the spindle, I never get any voltage on this pin or on the Spindle 0-10 output. It always reads 0 volts. Is there something I need to do to activate these outputs?

Just a guess as I do not have an X controller, but do you need to choose a high enough rpm to enable your dewslt relay?

You mentioned running setup, so I’m assuming that you are using Easel. You mentioned 0 - 10 volt output so I’m assuming you have the X-controller.

Normally, the X-controller runs version 1.0c of grbl. If you setup the DeWalt router as your spindle in Easel then you may need to change the rpm parameters in grbl.

First check the values of parameters $30 and $31 (use Machine Inspector - Advanced to look at the grbl parameters). Typically $30=1. and $31 = 0. (Note the decimal point) for Easel with the DeWalt.

If those parameters are correct, open the X-controller and check to make sure all the cable connectors are fully seated in their sockets. The strain relief clips will close before the connectors are fully seated.

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