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I started using Easel about 3 years ago when I got my X-Carve and I have achieved a decent proficiency in just about anything I need to do. I would like to learn a new skill. Right now, for every carve I orient my starting position manually before the cut. I would love to learn the technique where you can use the machine’s home and homing feature to always be a starting reference and then setup my drawings to be a reference from there. Specifically I have had situations where I have had to restart my carve and I had to once again manually set the starting position when the machine lost it position. Of course being off even a couple thousands of an inch will ruin the cut. Love to hear from folks how they using the homing feature!

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Many people use a corner fence and the g28 function to save the position of that corner as an offset from home.

Youd install a jig or other means of locating the workpiece(s) to the same position repeatedly. And then you can home the cnc, then move it into the perfect position and send tge command G28.1 and this saves that position onto the chip on the cnc. Its permanently written there until the user overwrites it with s new jig position using the g28.1 command.

So you turned off the cnc or the software… you can turn it all back on, rehome and then send the command g28 this will move it to the saved coordinate, now in easel youd want to prove for z, and on the x,y screen just select “use current position”

I plan to make a video on this, showing each step on the cnc and software,. but the shop is packed full. :man_shrugging:


Interesting Seth, thanks! I have already build a zero fence as do some tiling. I will play with this a bit.

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Oh yeah, you have a good point there, the front fence part can definitely get in the way with tiling, that’s the major drawback of the L shape fence.

So maybe a removable piece across the X that you can take off when its time to tile :person_shrugging:

Make your front fence removeable but located with dowels into the wasteboard.
Optionally, use a v bit to score lines on wasteboard for X and Y zeros.

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Your work zero is persistent across power cycles, just like G28 or G30.

Do you have homing switches?

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