No power on the x-controller

i moved the gantry by hand with the machine shut off a couple times to clean the rails and now there is no power on the x-controller, the fan comes on but nothing.

is the emergency stop pushed down? I have this a few times by accident while cleaning my machine.


ok, did you check the wires in the rear of the controller to see if maybe something was inadvertently unplugged or partially pulled out of the connector.


Measured with a voltmeter on the PSU to confirm voltage?
Can you measure resistance across the E-stop terminals?
Do the steppers make a “jolt sound” when you power the machine up?

i disconnected the emergency stop bottom, still no power and no jolt sound when i power it up.

Do your PSU output any voltage?

Please be make sure about the position of your e-button…Because the e-button should not be engaged, it should be pulled out.