No power to the xcarve

While using the xcarve. Made a popping noise. No power after there a fuse to check

I’m not sure if the 24VDC power supply has an actual fuse (I’ll check when I get home), but on the Inventables store for the power supplies, there’s a note that says: Note: The power supplies have ‘over current’ protection. If the connected circuit tries to draw too much current, the power supply will shut down. The green LED will not light up or glow very dimly in this mode. You can reset this fault by removing AC power for at least 10 seconds.

No power to anything.

Thank you nothing is literally up

I looked at the block schematic that is downloadable from the Inventables page that shows the power supplies, and although the diagram is not very detailed, it does not show a fuse in the circuit. Do you have a multimeter and are comfortable with electronics?

What Country you live in? You may want to check your input power selection 110 or 220. Linking related page.

P.S. If you live 220 Countries and adjusted for 110, you already cooked the power supply.
If you live 110 country and adjusted for 220, you have not enough power. Power supply is good, change switch to 110.

Right before it blew the fuse.the rotator would not turn off even after the program was over.the toggle switch would not turn off the rotator. Not sure one has anything to do with the other . thankyou.

Just a shot in the dark, did you check your circuit breakers in you home?

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Yes sir

Yes sir found blown fuse in the control box

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