No printed instructions

i’m really disappointed that there are no printed instructions with the machine. I don’t have internet access where the machine is going and have to keep going from house to shop. (I know, exercise is good for you) just would be much quicker to have the instructions to download or printed out in with the machine.
Just an added note I am using vcarve program for the x-carve. thanks to all who responded especially FoxxFighter for the link to the pdf on jumpshare.

Problem solved so thanks again.

Take a series of screen shots and you have printed instructions. No need for internet

Just to double check, are you planning to use something like UGS or PicSender to operate your machine? You have to have internet to use the Easel software that is packaged with the machine.

There are some posts giving suggestions about an offline assembly if you use the search function of the forum.
Here is one who made a pdf out of the instructions:

If you have trouble with easel, you should definitely check out ugs and the ability to export g code from easel. So you can start make your designs in easel on a pc where you have internet and the send the g code with an offline g code sender.

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A lot of company’s just gave the pdf for phones and computers. Rather then having printed directions and going green.

if you think that’s inconvenient, just wait until you try to cut something without internet access, hehe.


My immediate thought as well.

I don’t have internet in my shop either.
I use Vcarve desktop and Picsender.
Runs flawlessly.

I haven’t tried Picsender yet, I’ve been using Universal Gcode Sender and It works fine. Just need to learn how to use them.

Thanks for the info

i started out with UGS also, but picsender is much better and has more features.
For the money, you cant beat it and the developers are super helpful if you run into a problem.

thanks, i’ll give it a try