No Y axis tool path simulation

I am about as low on the learning curve as you can get, but I have managed to get 3 or 4 good carves out of my new “used” XCarve 1000. But now it will not cooperate. I am getting no Y axis sim. and it only sims a straight X axis carve from the zero position to the far right corner of my project. I have checked all of the numbers in Machine Inspector and they match what they have been all along. The spindle jogs correctly using the keyboard. I have opened previous projects and they sim properly, so it appears to be an issue with this project only. I have deleted it several times and re-set up. Simple 2 letters using Easel fonts. Suggestions appreciated.

I’m going to guess that there is a design element that is way off the screen or something like that.

I would open a new project and repeat your design process to check again

You can also share the project with us by going to Projects>share and change it from private to unlisted and copy the link and share the link with us… its only a copy and we can’t edit your original…

Thanks Seth…I created a different project and everything worked fine. I appreciate your response.

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