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No Z Probe Function In Carve Setup

Ran through the setup of my machine several times and the z probe worked great. Skipped the test carve because I just moved and expanded my machine so I would run a separate test carve later. When it came time to run the test carve I went through all the set up procedures and when it came to the z probe there was no option, just to manually set the depth. What is the issue here? If I set up that I had a zprobe in the machine setup process, then why is it not recognized when I want to run the carve? Any HELP PLEASE!!

I would just run through the complete setup process again to make sure all of the settings are set correctly. It might take you 5 minutes and will be the easiest way to ensure everything is set up correctly …


Brandon Parker

I’ve ran through the complete setup process several times with exactly the same results. My next option tonight is to uninstall easel and install it again and see what happens.

Uninstalled easel, reinstalled…no changes

Uninstalled, installed earlier version of easel local, won’t even connect to machine

Uninstalled older, reloaded newer, no z probe function when set to carve.

I would probably give Inventables a call to see if they can help you resolve the issue over the phone quickly.


Brandon Parker

I had the same problem. You need to re-set up the machine in Easel and say you have a probe.