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I have read posts on node editing for rounded corners, but they all are using solid shapes. I am not talking about the corner radius tool. I have a complex shape and want to round the angled corners. I know how to use the node editing tool, but no matter how much I try I can’t get a nice rounded corner.


Are you attempting to round off all of the “outer” corners on that design or specific ones? A little more detail into which parts you actually want to round off would definitely be helpful.


Brandon Parker

I’ve used the inlay generator and told it the bit i wanted to use was the radius size i wanted to carve… or doesn’t fit every application, but might work here.

The long line around the piece was a rectangle, used the radius tool to make all four corners. Then I used the node editing to move those lines in two corners, bottom left top right. That line will be cut out to leave the honeycomb. You can see in the bottom right area just above the original corner, I was able to sort of round that corner, but it’s not symmetrical. I want to round off all of the corners that have any right angle. I get the node editing tool to work, but as I move the nodes they are just all over the place.
Hope that explains it better.

That might work

The inlay generator did round all the corners, although it made the entire rectangle smaller. [case/top]

(Easel - laser controller case)

I would still like to learn how to round off corners with the node editing tool.

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