Noise between the belt and the motor's pulley

I hear “noise” between the belt and the motor’s pulley. Why?? The belt is tighten well.

Hello Omari,
Welcome to the forum, could you post a video of the of the machine making the noise?

I suspect it is typical sound of stepper motor operation.

Ok my dear RussellCrawford, I send video to understand what I mean. *You may to hear a “noise” between the motor’s pulley and the belt.

also make sure your belt is running true with the pullys and drive gear

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I checked the belt. The belt is running with the pulley and drive gear. But, I am very worry about the “noise”. The noise is normal??

From what I can hear that don’t sound normal. It would be hard to diagnose without seeing the whole machine, are the V wheels to tight? How tight is you belt?
Did it just start doing this or did you just assemble the X-Carve?
Are the stepper motors wired correctly?

Hello Rusell,

  1. Yes, the V wheels are tight, but I will to check them again.
  2. The belt is tight very strong (Maybe this is the problem??).
  3. I finished the X-carve’s assembly before 1 month ago. But, when I wanted to check the machine, I have seen that the belt is very weak. So, I decided to tight it. Maybe the belt is very strong after I tight it and maybe the adjustable V-wheels are not enough calibration.
  4. The motor is wired correctly.
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This was very helpful for me.

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You should be able to lift your belt about 1 inch in the middle with little resistance.
I’m sure someone on here has heard that noise before and will be able to correctly identify your problem.