Noisy Y axis?

Started up the new 2.0 machine last night and all is good so far!! - But there is def a difference in what the Z & X axis travel sounds like compared to the Y axis so im posting a video too compare - Does this seem normal/correct - if not, whats up with the dif in travel sound - maybe its nothing to be concerned about at this point or what do i need to look at to correct it

Thank You from a GreenHorn!

fixed movie its in the post above now…

Was it a pully?

moved the X to both ends of the Y and adjusted the end plates to the frame and balanced the belts… way mo better!!

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The end plates were set when i built it following tutorials - - -after i reset them to the X its like night and day it sounds correct now!! Did my very first basic cuts of a circle and square - ran great= happy camper

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