Non-machining text

I often feel that I would like to be able to put some brief notes about a piece on the work surface but without it being part of the machining paths. I wonder how hard it would be to have a text box for notes that could be positioned somewhere on the work surface but out of the way of the actual piece, and ‘outside’ of the toolpath calculation process ?

Notes are available in the workpiece section

OK. I had searched for this feature, including using the help files, but found nothing. Any chance you could be a bit more specific about this feature and where exactly to find it, or if you prefer, point me at any notes or tutorial that covers it ?


With Easel open, hold the mouse cursor over the Workpiece you want to add notes to

Then a pulldown many icon in its top right corner will appear, select Notes:

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Ah-ha ! Thank you ! Since beginning to use Easel a few weeks ago, I have found it generally very intuitive, but just here and there, the odd thing seems a bit esoteric. But as ever, easy when you know how. Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend … :yum: