Non X-Carve etc. settings access

I’ve just run through a couple of connections, very preliminary, and beyond designating as x-carve, shapeoko, etc. did not see how to access in depth machine settings, such as feed rate, etc.

I’m probably just missing something/s, but using a roughly small format ‘Ox’ from openbuilds, so similar, but not identical.

Well, I just found the settings I believe I was talking about located in the Materials selection tab with, of course, suggested preselected values which can be altered…

Sorry to reply to this a third time myself, but I saw the Advanced settings in the Machine tab, but not sure that would help a non X-Carve, etc. calibrate movement, as far as mm = mm, in = in, etc.

Is there a place for things more like that, or does someone need to do that in grbl settings ?