Noob Help with lettering!

Hello! I’m new and generally having success quickly with my X Carve 1000. My wife being an artist would like to letter her own words in Photoshop and have me cut them out of plywood. Once she was done she sent me the file in a jpg and used the image trace option to upload it to Easel and went from there. I used a 1/8 uncut bit and it came out 95% accurate with two issues. Some of the round letters ended up having flat spots around the radius instead of a smooth curved line if that makes sense. Secondly the top surface of the letters would all needed to be sanded as the bit left fuzzy edges instead of smooth ones in all areas.

Any ideas/thoughts on these two issues?

Use a downcut end mill.

Was this shown in Easel?

Duh…I should have thought of using a downcut or just invert the image and cut with the backside up.

I didn’t catch it but yes when I zoom in, Easel showed the curves in some of the letters as a number of straight connected lines instead of a smooth curve. I don’t see anything in Easel that lets me “smooth” these areas into a nice curved line?? Is it due to uploading a jpg instead of a bag?

Did you try exporting from Photoshop as a ,SVG file and importing it in to Easel?

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I did not but I’ll be trying that in the am tomorrow.