Noob here, can't get X/Y homing switches to work

I have a brand new fully assembled XCarve 1000, all went together good. Went to Easel to setup the electronics and went through each step. Only the Z-Axis will home. The X-Axis makes the switch but wants to keep on moving. I switched the wires from X to Z, and then the Z-Axis wanted to keep moving. I checked continuity on the switches and they check out ok. Any other ideas?

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X-Controller. I did check continuity of the wiring and it checked ok. It’s got me baffled.

Check your ribbon cable from the power supply PCB to the main driver PCB. Make sure it’s oriented as the directions show and that it is fully seated. Mine took a decent amount of pressure (make sure to support the PCB so it doesn’t break).

Ok I did that and it I reseated the connectors to be sure. Although all looked fine.

Any other suggestions?

You can use this information to test the switches without having to run the machine. It’s a lot of material, but if you go through it you’ll learn a lot too.

Hi, I’m having the same problem, how did you resolve this? Thanks Mike

How far do you get, how do the machine respond? Such information can give the experienced user a lot of good intel. A video posted on youtube for instance is also easy for us to see :slight_smile:

I have been going through the easel set up and my z axis a x axis hoing switches are working but the y doesn’t. I have checked the internal ribbons and wiring but still have the same problem.

all sorted, the switch wasn’t quite activating, so a gentle (agricultural) bend and it registers now. Its amazing how 30 seconds after deciding to post for help you resolve something! Sods Law!