NOOB - Transfer PDF/GMP for cutting?

Long time user of Google sketchup -> just breaking into CNC scene.

I am looking at milling out a 1/4 or 1/2 3 ply bamboo wireless keyboard case (for my TECK KEYBOARD). I have hand scketeched the 3 case layers onto paper and scanned it to PDF. What software is recomended for cleaning up / importing PDF for cutting?

Christopher - you can use Inkscape to trace out your drawing to get an svg that can be easily imported into easel. Since you mentioned you know sketchup, you could also just model it in there and use one of the available plugins to export an svg file.

Thanks PrSmith!

I will give sketchup svg plugin a go… unless you feel inkscape is the way to go!

I am ALL EARS at the moment :slight_smile:

You can also use a PDF to SVG converter or an app like Vectorize it. If you feel more comfortable in a CAD environment you can try AutoCAD360 to create the file. I’ve never used it so you might want to do a test export and import into Easel before getting to deep into the design.

There is a plugin for sketchup to export your drawings as SVGs.

Yep, here is the link to the plugin for sketchup SVG export.

Does that plugin work with SketchUp Make?

I’m not sure. I found this YouTube video