Noobie question detail pass

I get that my Z maybe off which is the why but not sure where to make adjustments to add height to the detail pass I used a 1/4 on the rough and then 1/16 on the detail. I added to the safety height which that did not change on these passes it worked on the top level “The” and “Family” but not here on the Smith. Once this one pass was done went it didn’t go lower than the one. Or is there a detail post that I am missing. Thank for any help.

Unfortunately, it all depends on where you set your Z-height for both the roughing and detail passes. If your detail height is off even a little bit, it will leave uneven tool marks like that.

ask the guys at inventables they’ll walk you through it and calibrate your machine as well.

Thanks for all the help. Yeah I used the probe and this was my 1st cut with the detail pass. My guess is I maybe hit a high spot or maybe had some sawdust under the probe on the rough cut and didn’t on the detail cut. I wasn’t sure if there was setting to raise it a little higher on that type of detail pass then I would only need to sand the bottom. Read a lot and there is a lot to learn and test with the machine.

ohhh I didn’t measure it but I will, its from inventables I so I may assumed.

Sorry for the troubles, @TravisSmith :disappointed:

Zeroing the z-axis for two-stage cuts is a difficult thing to manage, and it’s one of the reasons we’ve kept two-stage carves as a beta feature for now. With time, I think you’ll find a technique that works for you so you can use this method effectively.

Other than this slight discrepancy, the carve looks great! I hope you’ll keep playing around with this feature.

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