Not all font cut out after importing

hello, I’m have trouble. After i import a svg file and go through all the steps in setting my depth of font. I will send my project to carve but after its all done the depth of font are not the same or/even didn’t cut all the fonts out. But i looks good on the demo.

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your cutting tool is too large. try a smaller tool or larger text?

Hi Adrian :wave:

Can you share a photo? (the upload button is above the text box, its a button with a grey bar and a Up arrow just to the right of the </> button )
I ask because it’s kinda tough to follow that explanation and a photo of the resulting carve vs the programmed one will help significantly.

Guessing at what I think the issue is … I think you’re saying that parts of the workpiece were cut out fully (to the wasteboard) and other areas still have material remaining uncut.
If this is the right assumption, Have you surfaced the wasteboard?


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