Not carving in cutting area

Help! My machine is not carving within the cutting area. As soon as I start it, it goes outside the set dimensions and begins carving. Has anyone had this issue? Any ideas how to fix?

First thing i would check is to see if you have anything down there it is trying to carve. Maybe you have something down below you forgot to delete out.


Along the same lines as what Wayne suggested, can you share the Easel Project that way we can also verify the dimensions of the project and check for toolpath anomalies?

The steps are shown about halfway through this video:

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Not sure if I am in the right place, but maybe someone can help. I’m new to the CNC, trying to run a detail cut and then a rough cut. I had to raise the wood off the waste board so when it cut through it would not cut into the board. Now, it won’t engrave the detail pass, it just engraves air, like it won’t go deep enough. I homed it, probed it and still nothing. What might I be doing wrong


Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for your responses. It was as Wayne said, it was trying to carve something in easel that I wasn’t aware was there. Thanks!


Try searching the community forum to see if someone already created a topic about the issue you’re having. If not, create a topic with the issue so others can see who may be able to help.

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im trying to surface a piece of material and its doesnt start at the edge, about 1/2 away. i drew a square covering the material to be surfaced 20in x 8.5in. 1" bit. I zero the xy outside the cut area. I dont understand, help

Make sure with a bit that size, you’re zeroing it to the center of the bit, not the 2 outer sides of the bit.

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sorry for my crude drawing but best i can do in the office. Thats a top down view of your 1" bit. Zero it center to the bit like the bottom drawing, not like the top one

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