Not carving letters complete

I am carving with a 1/32” bit and it is not carving the entire letter(s). I am assuming it’s because the portions not carving are smaller than the bit size
This is the smallest size I have. Is there a way to make it carve the whole thing without making the letters bigger?
I am new to all this

This is ideally V-bit territory, the V-bit will ride between the outline path changing depth for more or less width.

Yes, I changed to v bit (90) and it did work but didn’t leave a very smooth carve

did you change the bit in Easel to V-Bit? if so then it probable did a V-Carve path which is different than an end mill bit type carve.

You could measure the tip and input that as diameter and leave it as an end mill type bit and see if the result is more what you are wanting.