Not carving on correct path

The blue line is the line of the image. I want it carved from outside the line, but it won’t, even when that is selected. In this picture it is selected to carve outside, but looks almost identical to on line. Inside looks correct though. Any idea why?

Share the project?

Was it a bitmap image that you traced? If so, what looks to me and you as a line is actually a slender rectangle and Easel considers it a shape and not a line.

How do I share the project?

I just looked at the original I used to covert it over from in Inkscape. GIF. I could have sworn it was a JPEG!! I’m guessing that is the problem?

Even JPEG is considered bitmap and not vectors and would have the same issue.

I’m not sure of the actual fix. I generally work directly in vectors to avoid this.

Well crap. Surely there is a way to make it a line. Wife is wanting a cutout of Kentucky with a heart over Bowling Green where we live.

And there it is, the simple solution lol. Thanks fellas! You just helped me make the wife happy, and that’s dang near priceless. Especially when she just looked up the cost of the machine…haha

Perfect Bob! Haha