Not carving the correct size

Hi, I am having an issue with Easel/XCarve. In my project it is set up in inches. My box is marked in inches, all measurements show in inches. but when it carves, it carves in millimeters… Am I missing something somewhere? Any suggestions please. thanks

Are you sending via easel as well, or exporting and sending with a separate gcode sender program?

Also can you share the project? In Easel go to Projects>Share and change it from private to unlisted and then copy the link… then share the link. Don’t worry we can only see a copy with all of your exact settings, BUT we can’t edit your original via the link :+1:

I am sending through Easel, I have attached a picture of what it carved if it will open.

Thanks for the photo and the project to clarify how much off the size difference is!

It looke like your $100 & 101 have been set wrong, OR your dip switches are set wrong.

Is This an xcarve, right? If not what model cnc is it
If so do you have any of the new upgrades to the x,y axis (with the wider belts and larger stepper motors)?

You can go to machine>general settings>machine inspector and reading the grbl settings so that we can compare them. To your machines correct settings (this is also the screen where you’ll enter the proper values if they need changed)

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