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Not cutting to prescribed depth

I’m trying to cut 1/2 inch text on a piece of 3/4 inch pine board. It’s barely cutting a 1/4 inch and more like 1/8 inch. Easel says it has not tested a 60 degree bit with this material and I can’t figure out what I need to do to get the cut the depth I want. Any suggestions?

A vbit cutting a pocket will be limited by the width of the pocket, so if this is your design. Then using a steeper angle bit or a wider pocket is the only way to make it go deeper.

If this does not appear to be the root cause then Can you share a photo of the carve result and the link to the project?

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Thanks! Here’s the link:

Yep, you’re depth is currently limited by the width of the design and the side angles of the selected bit…(my prior photo showing the red dots stopping the bit from going in more)

Either select a narrower bit or use offsetter tool to widen the design…

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Thank you! I’ve got a 20 degree I’ll try. What can you tell me about cut settings for bits?

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Unfortunately there are to many variables to make accurate, meaningful suggestions.

Speaking vaguely, listen to the machine, watch the chip size, and keep records.

Smaller bits need a higher rpm and feed than larger ones.

For v bits i prefer deeper depth per pass and a slower feed rate, overall the project will carve cleaner and faster than the other option if a shallow depth per pass and fast feed rate.

To give valuable data for precise feeds, plunge, rpm, and depth per pass one would need to know a lot about the setup: material typ and density, bit type and specs (size, flutes, flute direction)

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad I’m retired and have the time to really learn how to carve successfully. The help I’ve gotten from folks like you is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

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