Not cutting what I designed

I made a simple design and when I cut it not only is it moving part of the design to a different spot but its cutting in different places on the wood, I had the home in the same spot on the machine and each piece of wood. Any ideas what I have happening here?

When it finished the cut, did it go back to the same home position? If not, you’re losing steps for one reason or another. Could be your fast moves were too fast for the steppers to keep up, loose belts, tight belts, screws loose on the pulleys, cutting too deep or too fast, or a number of other things. Could be the dreaded spindle problem, if you have a 24V spindle from the bad batch.

Can you post more details, like cut speed/depth, material (looks like pine to me), bit size, spindle type, the order in which it was all cut, and so on? It would also help if you measured everything and could tell us if anything was elongated and not just moved.

It did come back to the home location. All are measured the same. I’m using a Bosch colt router. I am not at the machine to pull the speeds but I"m cutting it as MDF. 1/4 bit that tapers to 1/8. It cut the long top part, then the circles then the 2 squares. Material is .75 and I’m cutting .5 . Its been acting weird on other cuts where it would cut a pattern perfect and then about 60% through it would just start cutting all over the place and ruining it zigging and zagging. No reason. I would stop and check the belts, all the rollers and all are good. really confused.

I found my machine not moving enough on the Y axis because their wasn’t enough amps to the steppers. you can turn the Y potentiometer up slightly and see if it works.

No Idea how to do that. Can you explain

Check out this forum post for some good pot information: New drifting

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What size bit are you using and did you make sure you input that size. looks like your using a 1/4in bit and have it set to 1/8th in bit