Not cutting whats show in project

Hi all.
I have a weird issue after updating my 3018cnc. Ive ran a couple of projects through it but its messing them up and cutting over stuff it shouldnt. I have measured movement of all 3 axies and theyre correct.
ive rechecked the project it last failed on and ive added a link, if someone could look at it and tell me if its something ive done incorrectly or not i would greatly appreciate it. ive attached a pic of what it did to my last project. and link to the project itself is below it.

By the looks of things you are loosing steps, insufficient torque to handle the mechanical load when carving.

You may have:

  • Asked too much of your machine
  • Have one or more axis binding during motion
  • Something is loose/slipping
  • Drivers briefly overheat and enter thermal shutdown (causing lost position)
  • Or a combination of the above