Not cutting when starting

HI all, Bit of a newbie here.

I have the 3018 pro and am using easel for the design then export the gcode to UGS Platform. For clarity i did have this working before i switched to the laser.

So I recently changed back to the CNC after about 6 months. Re-followed tutorials to ensure i was setup correct. I made my first design and exported the gcode.

When opening the gcode I set and saved the zero point to the bottom left of my workpiece. When I started the cut the head moved up (Z access) moved to the start point then lowered the z axis and proceeded to follow the cut the path. However, the blade didn’t lower beyond the zero height so isn’t cutting anything, even though the machine is following the cut path as it should.

Please help, I have tried everything i can think of.

Thanks in advance

Is it possible that the z axis has reached the lowest physical limit of z travel aka its bottomed out and cannot reach the workpiece?

The spindle may need to be lowered within the clamp. Or the workpiece raised.

Hi Seth. Thanks for responding, No it isnt that, the axis is set about half way

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