Not deep enough

So Im carving out something on my x carve right now and its not deep is there a way to add .1 depth during the carve or set the machine to carve it after. Wont move the material or anything just want to go for .6 depth to .7 depth without it having to do the whole carve again? \

Yes you can carve it after, just set the depth per pass at .7 and it will think that its cutting .7 when its only cutting .1
When you’re setting it up just use manual Z and last home position


Just be aware that when doing what @RussellCrawford mentioned above you will be carving 0.1" (Depth of Cut) in one shot. Depending on the bit, this might be too much, so be aware of this along with the other settings.


Brandon Parker


Provided you have kept power on (or re-home to machine zero) you can do this by simply:

  • Change design depth to +0.1
  • Carve using "preivous home* (work zero)