Not following path

It seems as though my X carve is following its own path and I am not sure how to correct it. Please see photo attached, it is supposed to be 4 circles much like a target. Any hep would be greatly appreciated!

Search for missing steps.
Could be a number of different things ranging from loose wheels, loose belt, feedrate. But my guess is something with your x-axis (left and right motion).

Check that the set screws on your stepper pulleys are secure.

If the spindle return to the same place after the carve no steps are lost.

This look like your system is not firm/have slack present, especially when the motion change from X to Y and vice versa (by the cut defects present at around 2/5/7/11 o´clock position)

Since the 4 circles are consistant I dont see steps being lost.

Check all aspects of your machine relative to mechanical slack/give, check rollers, belt tension etc and try again.

Based on @NeilFerreri1’s comment and the pic, I might believe the x-axis pulley is slopping back and forth due to a loose screw.