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Not hitting X-limit?

I had a couple failed carves (I blame myself, F360, etc). I finally things sorted out (imported g-code, used the post processing file, allowed Easel to add g-code, etc) and got one to go through but it looked like it change position partway through and shifted the remainder of the carve. Now homing won’t work and it keeps bashing into the left side of the machine.

I somehow skipped a tooth? How does that even happen? Even if I did it should still hit the limit switch… going into machine inspector it shows the Y limit is triggered but not the X.

I have an email into support… but any suggestions in the interim?

I just recently had this same problem with the X limit switch. My bracket that holds the limit switch was off by a few mm causing the limit switch to miss the bearing and the machine would keep trying to drive into the X position. I used a pencil and pushed the bracket down into position. Tech support sent photos on how the reposition the bracket as well.

My issue was similar but different. As it turns out my homing switch was actually bad. Support was great and helped me work through it. Replacement switch and a firmware change and everything has been signing along nicely.