Not homing

I have a new x-carve and just assembled. Now I am setting up and the homing cycle only work for Z axis and the other axis are not working. the axis work correctly but not for the homing cycle.

Please help

Is the Z axis pressing and then releasing the switch?

I have had a bad Z axis switch which would make it look like it was homing the z axis, but then it wouldn’t move x or y.

You are right, the machine does´nt release the Z switch.
What I can do?

Change GRBL parameter $27 from 1 (default) to 3 and see if that helps.
The value is the distance in mm the axis move away from the switch before it try to trigger it the 2nd time.

You change the parameter by simply typing in and Enter the following in Easel Machine Inspector, Console box:
$27=3 and press Enter

Restart the Xcontroller to make sure the change took effect and retry a homing sequence.

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You probably need a new switch. If you have a multimeter you can test it to confirm that it is bad.

I keep extra switches on hand because I have damaged them by accident and they are relatively inexpensive, only a dollar or two.

Turn on soft limits. You are already homing.

That was the soution.

Thanks you