Not really a troubleshooting problem

There really should be an everything else section. I would like to know what everyone recommends as far as what your computer should have to run a smooth carve. Is there something that you wished you had on your computer? I am asking this because I am buying a computer just for the x-carve and I want it to be right.

Anything post win 98 will probably do. :wink: A parallel port may come in handy when you plan to upgrade to mach3 later on.

Thank you

Phil I too have an xp a Dell from a few years back and it is as slow as molasses doing anything. I don’t see how mine could even think about controlling my x-carve. Only 1gb of ram.

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Ok thank you. So you design what you want on your more powerful computer then send it to your xp or put it on a flashdrive?

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I bought this:

It’s hooked to my X-carve and is more than capable of running smooth carves. I don’t generally run Easel but I do run UGS and have no issues at all.

I have a network attached storage device that I save my projects to and the mini PC is connected to my network (I used Ethernet, the Wifi worked fine as well) and gets it from there. I could easily use a USB stick though.

I’ve even run Vcarve Desktop on it and it’s handled doing minor tool-path tweaking just fine.

Before this mini PC I used a Raspberry Pi which also had zero issues controlling the X-carve. Again, not Easel, but no problems.

Thank you, I’ll look into it.

I run Easel / Universal G-Code Sender with a 2009 MacBook, no issues.
I do basic design in Easel on the same, bigger projects are done in Fusion360 on an iMac (2010)

Running G-code is really simple and dont tax the system much, designing can be a different story but mainly software dependant.

When I started I used my wife’s system which was windows 10 desktop. I had it setup in the family room downstairs and I knew it was temporary.

When there became a easel local for Linux I immediately got a Raspberry Pi3 and installed raspberian with easel local.

I have tried CNCjs, Chilipeppr, Bcnc and UGS all on the Raspberry Pi and all function as needed. no complaints.

I use a wireless keyboard trackpad so that I can stand over the machine when jogging and love that, as I always went the wrong way first when I used a keyboard on the system away from the machine. just how it was, now it always moves correct as I am standing in front centre and I can see exactly where and how far I need to move.

Also would like to note that the Raspberry Pi has no fan so no dust drawn into the system from the cutting. just blow it off the case every once in while and good to go.

P.S. I also edit in Easel on my larger better system upstairs and just login on easel on the pi and cut when ready. not that I have to but it is easier on a large display and faster system. I can also control it remotely from the desktop but I just do that to show off when someone asks.