Not so clean cut

So I cut this project with a 60 degree bit, 100ipm, 30 plunge and .1 dpp, I believe this is pine. It leaves a little strip of wood down the middle of the letters. Is this because of the soft wood or is it something wrong with settings. Would a 45 or 30 degree be better?

Did you select a V-bit to carve this, or just a regular cut using a V-bit

For my bit option in easel I chose a 60 degree vbit. It all looks good on the screen. Am I cutting too fast, too deep or soft wood? Looks like it’s pushing wood out of way instead of cutting it. Using brand new inventables 60 degree.

On an unmodified x-carve, I would say you’re carving too fast and even too deep. The carve depth itself may also be kind of on the deep end of what’s likely needed based on how the letters are kind of mashing together. (but it’s hard to say for sure from the picture)

A helpful tip is after you run a job and it looks a bit rough is to run the whole thing again at full depth. (i.e., if your cut depth is .15 inches change your depth of cut to .15 so it runs the whole thing just once in one pass)

That can clean a lot of it up.

I think you are going to have to share your project here, so we can see what the settings are. It doesn’t look like a Vcarving pattern.