Not sure what I did, but feed rates slow after running z-probe

I’ve been using my x-carve psuedo successfully for the past few days now. But today, I’m not sure what happened.

If I load a gcode file via chilipeppr and manually zero the 3 axis, It runs with no issue as it has the past few days. Now, after I run the z-probe script, when I start the file to run, the feedrate (plunge and xy) is somehow set to 5mm/min. I have been using the z-probe earlier this week and it hasn’t been a problem.

I’ve tried using different gcode files, restarting the pc, and opening chilipeppr in a previously unused internet browser.

Any ideas? Was it something I clicked somewhere?


x-carve (1000mm, x-controller)
vcarve pro (with pp’s from inventables)

First step is to reproduce the problem, if you cannot do you cannot fix it.

So start with a writup of all software used, versions and step by step activities, then see what step makes the difference, does it disappear when you return to the last state everything worked before.

What software version do you run on the X-Controller
Can you post your grbl settings after the slow problem occurs, does is actually set the feedrate to 5mm/min or is that the feerate you experience
Does it dissappear when you restart the X-Controller
Can you post the Z script in a txt format?

Most Z probe macros/code snippets/etc. change the feed rate to a slower movement so you don’t go crashing into the touch plate.

Many post processors do not have a feed rate setting in their initial code, so they use whatever feed rate was in effect before the new job begins.

You can look at the G-code produced and see if any of the lines have the F word (no not that one - the feed rate F word). It would be something like:

G1 X0 Y0 F200 just an example not necessarily what you should use.


Thanks that looks like this was it.

In vcarve, I started using merged toolpaths. For one reason or another, the past few merged toolpaths I created are leaving off the feedrate from the first block of code. If I save the same set of toolpaths together but un-merged, it works fine.


Might want to check the Vectric website to see if it’s a known issue. Maybe they have a fix or workaround.

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