Note facility

Be nice to be able to attach a small note to our project.


@BobHewson interesting idea. Can you explain more? Do you title them?

I would presume he means to be able to title it ‘xwing version one’ then be able to put a description. I/e saying it will hold this many of this. And that many of that.

I agree, being able to have a more detailed description. Possibly if the mouse hovers over the title it pops up the description.

I have many projects named different names. But the projects are similar I end up opening 5 until I find what I am looking for.

As Bryan notes, he has the same need.

Multiple similar projects would be easier to track and ideentify if we could include a note explaining, project origin, ideas to try next time, noting variables etc., all in the form of a small note field.

Could be a real time saver.


How many characters are you thinking something like the length of a tweet? 140?

Would you want it to appear when you were searching through the files and once you opened it up?

@chrisbalin has been working on a new interface for the files and folders this could be something to consider.

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140 would be more than enough for me.

It’s awesome that you all listen to feedback and make the changes that we would like, well… When they make sense that is. Lol

Hey @BryanSheets yea that’s the big challenge. We have a big roadmap for some game changers in Easel but we need to balance that with feedback from the community so we are always making sure it is on a path to be increasingly useful.

Some of the things we are working on are more long term and don’t have immediate impact but when we are able to launch them will change the game. Also feedback like this helps us rethink the feature entirely.

For example is it that you need a note or is it that the way we have the file search set up isn’t a good enough solution when you have lots of files. In this case:

Would it be better to have a solution where the file icon shows a preview of the shape in the file with the name? Or would you rather have a note? Or both :smile:

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@Zach_Kaplan. Hrmn. I think if we could do like:
File-Open-then have folder options (reminiscent of saving pictures by holidays, Xmas, bday , etc)-then the file names.

Hovering over the file name could give a 3D(or possibly the 2d graph, for some of us it is easier to see than the 3D)small picture with a brief <140 char description.

Hopefully I am not thread-jacking from OP… But I believe this would be an elegant solution to what sounds like @BobHewson and I are requesting.

140 should do the job, since what we need is really a memory (mine) tweaker.

There is another feature request “Endless Untitled Projects” that could relate to this need too.

How about if instead of notes having an ability to add searchable user defined Tags to each file. Then when you are working a specific project you can add a tags like “Jewelry box” and “Birthday”. You could also add tags to it like “Finger Joint” or “Rose Design”.

Then it would be easy to search and find all the files you created for the Jewelry Box by just searching that tag,

Or if you wanted to reuse the Rose design it would be easy to find.

Rather than limit to a listing of projects I’d still like to be able to include specific notes relatesd to the “Carve”, problems, ideas to improve if the project was duplicated. I think as suggested earlier it could be done in 140 characters (or more) although I can see the reason that less may be more… Having the title as well as a note’s contents searchable would be even better.

If we had a folder/sub folder based system for projects I think that would solve many people’s issues.

If each project name label also showed a small thumbnail image and maybe some projects details like material selected, bit selected etc. that would go a long way towards the organisation of projects.

Saying that, a facility to add a Post-it note sized note within a project would be great as would a small description next to a project name in the projects list.



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@Zach_Kaplan Is this feature on the schedule? Some kind of meta information for projects would be very helpful. Just some way to attach design notes, assembly instructions, or description of settings would be very useful. For instance the apps don’t have a memory of settings, so it would be nice to be able to make an attached note that this box used such and such settings.

A note for future reference like (single flute up-cut bit, Red oak stain, 3 coats satin polyurethane, outer perimeter routed with half inch roman ogee) Info I could use when I go back to make another one months later

@BillBucket we are rethinking the whole structure to address a number of the feature requests including this one. We started going through things one by one and it was death by a thousand paper cuts. Rather than doing it that way we asked “what should it really be”. We don’t want to create bloatware with a million features.

Easel is in an interesting spot where some people say it is way to simple and other say it is way too complicated for them. I understand you can’t please everyone but it’s interesting to hear that it is too simple and too complicated since those seem to be objective characteristics.

So the short answer is adding a note is not schedule but rethinking the way files exist and how content is stored in them is being worked on.

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I had been thinking about this and agree the need is still there. Noticed this is almost 4 years old. Had anything changed for adding file notation related to particular projects? the 140 characters would work for short description of problems.

Adding notes about your specific carve

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