Nothing moves

ok I am on the test page for testing the wiring but nothing will move. any help please. all the lights are on and the fans are running.

this is an older model it does not have that.

Re-confirm that both PCBs are properly connected to each other inside the little controller box under the fan.

I will try that in the morning. all the lights are on and it recognizes the computer but non of the axes will move or do anything. thanks

If your using grbl .9, there is a grbl setting that disables axis movement. Change $14=0 to $14=1.

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I have seen people talking about this but I have no idea what it is or where to find it. sorry I am new and tring to learn but this is coming at me to fast. thanks

I know how to check & change this in our PicSender gcode streamer, but I don’t know how to in other gcode streaming programs. State what gcode streamer your using and someone will chime in with instructions.

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thanks phil I will check it out.

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one more question and I will leave you alone. I did not use the black and yellow wire because I have the dewalt 611. is that right or should I have hooked it up. thanks

Yeah, don’t stop asking questions… that’s what the forum is for! =)

We all learn so it’s a win-win for everyone!