Nothing moving during initial computer setup (Easel)

Is it necessary to adjust the Potentiometers to make it move? I am using Easel on my MAC and I just got my X-carve assembled and all of the motors just barely move when I press each button. I didn’t adjust any of the optional settings in the X-Controller. Hooked it up straight out of the box. When I hit the arrows it will only move slightly. Should it move as long as I hold it down or is this correct?

seems correct but could be the pots or it could be the eccentrics are over tight… go over each step and see what u missed.

Define slightly. The arrows during the initial setup only “nudge” the axis just to show direction. It’s maybe like 0.1 inches.

That’s it. Only 0.1 inches would be about right. I loosened the belts and the V-rollers so that it moves with the least effort but the Z Axis still doesn’t want to move much. I guess I need to keep refining it and see if it will work. I hate to sound so oblivious to all this but I wasn’t sure what to expect. The power supply was bad out of the box so I guess I’m a little gun shy.

I have loosened the belts and the V-rollers and will continue to tweak it. Thank you.

The goal is process of elimination.
if u need help or get stuck just ask… and be specific.

Understood. I will get back to it tomorrow. Thank you.

I stepped up the voltage all the way on the Y axis, one notch on the Z axis and a quarter turn on the X axis and now everything works perfectly. Thanks for the help folks. I appreciate all.