Nothing plugs in here?

I bought a used xcarve and plugged the x-controller to the machine, but I don’t see any wires to plug into the M7 input. What’s missing?

You’re not missing anything, that side is used for additional add-ons to the XCarve.
You should have the green plug plugged in with nothing connected.



Also I don’t know if it matters but your Y LIMIT GND and Z LIMIT GND are swapped, again I don’t know if it matters but maybe someone else can let you know. That’s not the way Inventables instructs you to do it.


Technically and electrically this really should not matter, BUT you should swap the crossed wires anyway. Also, ensure that they are all going to the correct location in the first place… :slight_smile:


Brandon Parker


Ok, so Brandon gets the award for being the most observant!

I had to go back twice to see what was wrong.


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