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[NOW LIVE] [new feature] G-code sending through easel

@Rusty @Peter_Jakab @AndrewWatkins


I probably have an “other” to try :wink:

@Andy4us Done!

Lol awesome, thanks!

Which program are you using? Can you attach the gcode file you are trying to import?

Judging from the error message, I would check to make sure that your origin point is set at the bottom left corner of the material. This is a limitation that we have to think about some more, but let me know if doing that helps.

It borked on a file from estlcam. Remember to tell who ever programmed it that humans normally start at line 1, not line 0 , so when it generates the error message to add one to the line number :wink: It’s complaining about line 8 which is blank space

Hahaha great catch!

I’m going to create a new topic for each other CAM system so that people can discuss what it would take to conform to the spec separately. (Here is that topic [gcode import] estlcam)


Aspire…This is for a 0.25" endmill
Easel - 3D Roughing (265.7 KB)

I would like to try this please

I’d like to try it as well, I’m a Fusion 360 user.


@LynMcneese Done, also you shouldn’t post your email publicly like that :confused: (i removed it for you)

@MathieuGlachant You got it!

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I would love to have access, I have had problems with both USG and chillipeper but easel has worked great.

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I’m a new X carve user, 20 year user of autocad 2d. I’m migrating to F360 and would love to try this feature. I’m having a terrible time with the art based software. Easel, Inkscape, etc


@RamonQuinones @RobertConrad Done and done.

It is odd, the finishing pass loads fine…

Haha we just now pushed a fix! I was able to load the one you posted just now.


I had a boundary offset…that must have pushed it just below 0 on the X-Axis…

Yup. We actually just removed that constraint. The constraints still apply for Carvey (which has a fixed area and automatic homing), but it didn’t make as much sense for x-carve. Hopefully we’ll be able to improve the flow for setting a centered zero in the future.

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I use Fusion 360 and would like to try this feature.