[NOW LIVE] [new feature] G-code sending through easel

Could you please add the G code option for me?!

@JamesMurray hmmm I don’t see you on the list here…could it be under a different name? Oh @DavidKutchaw I have you down for 2…OK @JamesMurray you can tag along with him.

I’d like to try this too. Thanks.

@TedFarr you’re in like flynn

Changing the “Arc Fitting” option in F-Engrave general settings to “Radius” or “None” that will get rid of the G91.1

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But our lakes are SUPPOSED to be frozen this time of year, and thus my boat has been put down for its semi-annual nap.

Thus I have no fish to acquire a fin from! What would the bouncer do with it anyway?
Besides smell like fish…

Just set up fusion 360 we are pumped and eyeing up second smaller xcarve. Please include us!

Learning Fusion 360 now. Can I have access?

I’d like to try it.

I have Fusion 360 and was wondering if I could be added. Also sometime after the first of the year I amgoing to start learning Solid Works and Aspire after I finish training on the waterjet and Bridgeport work center at work.

I would also like to try!

Hi Zach

Thanks for adding me. I have been using chilipeppr to send gcode for PCB’s

I’m looking to test Meshcam this week with this fancy new feature.

Great work all!

I would like to test it out please!

I’d like to try it, too. I’m using Fusion 360.

I have been waiting for this feature. Great to have it now. Please add me.

Uploading IMG_1077.JPG…
first try with the g code sender
file from photo vcarve imported into vcarve desktop then toolpath saved with the easel post p. worked a treat.

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I’d love to give it a try. I use Vectric &UGCS Thanks

I use Vcarve for my work can I please give it a try

I am trying to learn Fusion360…please add me…thanks!