[NOW LIVE] [new feature] G-code sending through easel

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Good news everyone! We’ve released a new feature in Easel that allows you to import, validate and visualize g-code generated by other programs, and send it to your X-Carve or Carvey. Currently we support g-code from Fusion 360, MeshCAM, and Vectric products (including V-carve, Cut2D, and Aspire). The post-processors will all be available on the “Import g-code” file menu item.

If you do not use one of those products, we’ve created a g-code spec document that describes the format of g-code that Easel will import.

To import a g-code file, go to File → Import g-code.

After importing, you’ll see the toolpaths.


I would like to test it out please!

@ErikJenkins You got it!

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I’m interested in this also.

@NAM37 You got it bud

Oh this is cool! I was just going to start diving into Fusion 360, so this would be great if you could get access to this!

I’d like to try it too, thanks.

I’ LOVE to test it out! I use Fusion 360.

@paulkaplan - I Installed the post processor from the link on file/import G-Code…it is for a roughing pass for a small cross which is approx 5.5 x 4 inches I get the following…

@Rusty @Peter_Jakab @AndrewWatkins


I probably have an “other” to try :wink:

@Andy4us Done!

Lol awesome, thanks!

Which program are you using? Can you attach the gcode file you are trying to import?

Judging from the error message, I would check to make sure that your origin point is set at the bottom left corner of the material. This is a limitation that we have to think about some more, but let me know if doing that helps.

It borked on a file from estlcam. Remember to tell who ever programmed it that humans normally start at line 1, not line 0 , so when it generates the error message to add one to the line number :wink: It’s complaining about line 8 which is blank space

Hahaha great catch!

I’m going to create a new topic for each other CAM system so that people can discuss what it would take to conform to the spec separately. (Here is that topic [gcode import] estlcam)


Aspire…This is for a 0.25" endmill
Easel - 3D Roughing 1.nc (265.7 KB)

I would like to try this please

I’d like to try it as well, I’m a Fusion 360 user.


@LynMcneese Done, also you shouldn’t post your email publicly like that :confused: (i removed it for you)

@MathieuGlachant You got it!

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