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[NOW LIVE] [new feature] G-code sending through easel

I would love to have access, I have had problems with both USG and chillipeper but easel has worked great.

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I’m a new X carve user, 20 year user of autocad 2d. I’m migrating to F360 and would love to try this feature. I’m having a terrible time with the art based software. Easel, Inkscape, etc


@RamonQuinones @RobertConrad Done and done.

It is odd, the finishing pass loads fine…

Haha we just now pushed a fix! I was able to load the one you posted just now.


I had a boundary offset…that must have pushed it just below 0 on the X-Axis…

Yup. We actually just removed that constraint. The constraints still apply for Carvey (which has a fixed area and automatic homing), but it didn’t make as much sense for x-carve. Hopefully we’ll be able to improve the flow for setting a centered zero in the future.

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I use Fusion 360 and would like to try this feature.


@WernerMrazek @CharlesVanNoland Have at it!

I forgot about the offset, I use that to keep my little tiny finishing pass bit nice and safe…lol

Great job, it loads fine, I’ll shoot it to the machine and see how things go.

Seriously considering V-Carve, so I would love access! Thanks.

BTW, you guys/gals rock. Other folks in business should take notice!


Added you. Thanks for your kind words!

Thanks @MichaelKempf!

Oh yeah big ups to @rodovich and @EricDobroveanu for helping get this feature out before the holidays!


I’d like to test as well please.

@MikeKaplan you’re in!

Oh Man, this is pretty great!