Nuka bottle cap

yes. the letter pockets are going to be white. This is going to get some steel wool and a second coat. Happy with how the shellac was able to seal up the pores in the MDF.

I’m going to laser-cut some balsa wood for the hands. The brass hands that came with the clock would clash terribly.

Looking forward to some photos.

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My daughter digs this project.

Is that bottlecap the one from the vectric clipart?

Edit: oops the whole thread didn’t load on my phone. I see the post of someone talking about it.

@PhilJohnson @JeremySimmons , Dont mean to thread jack, but I haven’t done a 3D carve yet, and I’d like to do this bottle cap, could you explain how to go about it? what bits should I use? how should I measure the center of the circle? etc


Watch the aspire product tutorials…

3D roughing pass with a 1/4 or 1/8 flat end mill

3D finish pass with 1/8 ball nose or smaller tapered end mill

jig to find circle centers.

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Sorry didn’t mean to come off as such a noob lol. I have watched probably 20 videos, slowly getting through them.

Just wanted to make this for a work function (Pepsi) and haven’t grasped enough from the videos yet.

I’ll go back to watching videos though, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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nothing wrong with being new to something.

Training Material > Aspire > View By Category

Look for 3D Toolpaths fairly far down the page

Specifically these tutorials:


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys! Very much appreciated :smiley:

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So I finally got time to go ahead and give this a try, however my depth on the roughing doesn’t seem to go deep enough, and my finishing pass is starting a little too deep. Could this be due to machine allowances in tool-paths and Gap above model? probably answering my own questions here lol

what are the settings for the 3d roughing toolpath?

What are the green and red measurements?

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Yes, it measures to 1.00 exactly

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It measures to .75 and 1.00 in. Odd, Maybe it just didn’t finish carving? I have absolutely no idea how its off a .25in…

So, I just did some modeling in Aspire for one of these myself. Here’s what I’ve come up with in the preview of the model. I’m going to purchase an 1/8" ballnose from Woodcraft tomorrow and try it out.



Be an even bigger boss. Download lightshot!

Hey guys! Trying this again, was going pretty well before I tried to pause it * dough * Managed to save it and finish the roughing pass. However moving onto the finishing pass it was taking a very long time, so I ramped up the speed to:

step-over: 0.008 = 10.2%
Clearance Pass step-over: 0.0315 = 40%
Feed: 120
Plunge: 60

Saying its going to take 7 Hours… does that seem right for a 17" bottle cap??


Why is it that just this part is wanting to take 6 hours??