Nut just fell off

Not my own… noticed this on my wasteboard on my first 24x24 carve. Everything seems find still. Anyone know where this came from?!
Very small. 20180223_200312|281x500

Picture didn’t come through.

If it’s a tiny nut, it is probably one of your home switch nuts.

Figured it out. Yes, it was from the homing switch that the z smashed into yesterday. New homing switch on order and I lowered the bolt that is supposed to prevent it.

Check your Y and X switches. I don’t think Z uses a nut because their holes are tapped.

You are correct. Be fun to get in there!!

My dog had the same problem… don’t think he’s ever going to let me take him to the Vet again.



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FYI- You can get compatible micro switches at Amazon if you need spares for way less than a buck each.

I’ve smashed several on the Z axis and get 10 packs for about 6 or 7 dollars.

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