O.f. tech support

In my opinion the o.f. cnc tech support on a scale of 1 thru 10 . 10 being the best o.f. would not make a solid two. Worst in my opinion ever. They have a long way to go to try and catch x carve tech support. Bought a o.f. and sold it quick. Bought another x carve and so glad i did.

What is o.f.?
What happened?

For this to be helpful, it’d be nice to have some background/context… Especially since this is your first post here.

Welcome to the community, by the way.

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I think he’s speaking about Onefinity. It’s wierd tho, I’ve had nothing but good things to say about their customer support. I emailed them on a Thursday night 9pm PST. about a faulty controller (raspPI) they responded within minutes (@9pm pacific time). Got my replacement next Wed, no questions asked, just sent me a UPS tag for the old one.

On that note, I’ve never had a problem with Xcarve/inventables customer support, they were always quick and helpful, and even tho I have a onefinity and vcarve, I still mostly use easel. I’ll be using easel for the forsesble future. Well done inventables.

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Good support is vital in this day and age, glad you found one source that keep you happy :slight_smile:

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You don’t need to go anywhere but these forums anyway. :wink:


Im still learning…